Egypt is the mother of the world and as the Greek historian Heroddet expressed in his famous saying Egypt is the gift of The Nile. Yes, its origin is the Nile River and the determination and love of its children for that land, which has been given the true meaning of life since ancient times. This great land is the land of civilization and ancient history, it has been the first land on which the civilization of one of the greatest civilizations that have passed on the history of mankind, the ancient Pharaonic civilization, whose effects are still prominent to witness the greatness of ancient Egyptians Egypt is located in the heart of the continents of the ancient world, it was the point of convergence of the three major continents Asia, Europe and Africa. It also enjoys a distinguished position among the Arab countries. It is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean, from the south by Sudan, from the west by Libya, from the East by the Red Sea and by Palestine and Israel Egypt has an ancient history of seven thousand years. Every historical era passed by Egypt has monuments attract tourists to visit Egypt and enjoy watching these monuments, including the most important Pharaonic monuments such as the pyramids of Giza and the temple of Ramses III and the Valley of Kings and Queens. Egyptians are the inhabitants of Egypt and one of the peoples of the Arab world, estimated at about 104 million. Arabic is the official language of the state, and the Egyptian dialect of all kinds is a dialect in everyday life. The Egyptians provided mankind with many inventions, sciences and achievements such as the invention of agriculture, medicine, astronomy, writing, language, mining, computing, measurements, engineering, glassmaking, pottery and the shipbuilding industry. Egyptians invented many machines for agriculture, industry and that the world now follows in the same number of days and months mining. Egyptians also presented to the world the solar calendar.

Time zone

GMT + 2


Egyptian pound, 1 LE = 100 piaster 1 US Dollar = approx. 15.6


Office hours Sunday-Thursday 8:30–14:00 Friday and Sunday banks are closed. All 5***** hotels have banks.

All major credit cards are accepted.

ATM availability

Emergency Telephone numbers

Police: 122
First aid: 123
Fire Brigade: 125


Approx. 104 millions


Approx 90% Moslem, 10% Christians and minority of Jewish community.


220 Volts50 Hz are most common.


Arabic is the official language. English and French are spoken widely.

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