President’s Letter  

I was born and raised in Egypt, I decided to study tourism guidance at the faculty of tourism and hotels in Cairo immediately after my graduation from the faculty of fine arts, which had a great role in my study of tourist guidance, as antiquities and tourism in Egypt are not a long history only, but a wonderful artistic and architectural creativity also .Luckily, I was one of the few who studied tourism guidance and the arts together, and I started my work in the tourism industry in 1998. My interest in beauty, which I found in my studies of both art and antiquities, helped me to create these tourism programs so that everyone would share this interest and enjoy this beauty with me , but in an unconventional way . Our mission is not only to take you on a tour but our mission is to provide you with royal service.

Lody Tours

Mission & Vision

Lody Tours operates through a strict system that pays close attention to every details to serve its distinguished clients , as the goal of Lody Tours is not only to provide tourism services and only , but to provide an elegant, professional, comfortable and memorable service to meet the personal desires of solo travelers, groups and couples. Through our long experience which extended for more than 23 years, and through our selected employees, very carefully in terms of education, flexibility and understanding of the diversity of tastes.

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